3RDi: Who We Are

3 min readFeb 15, 2021

What makes your business tick? Be it a commodities firm, technology giant, pharma leader or an old-school agrobusiness, the simplest answer in almost all instances is the People. People are the lifeblood of any organization and a successful workspace is always aware of using their capabilities to an optimal potential. However, this is an enormous task which is often easier said than put in to practice. Amongst the host of business obstacles, a key challenge is utilization of the most viable data from the multitude of information inputs to gain truly beneficial insights.

As the next-gen solutions provider, 3RDi can be your perfect partner in that effort.

3RDi is a shiny new start-up that is developing AI powered solutions to assist workforces across the globe. Our prime offering is a solution automating sales analytics to present executives with contextual insights and scenario outcomes to help them make better, more informed, decisions. 3RDi gives you the power to gain crucial insights without the need to seek any additional data or resources. We help address some of your key business challenges, such as:

· Poor planning — Most of ‘Forecasting’ in today’s date is a cumbersome intuitive process. While largely based on historic data, such decision making is also highly influenced by management and team members’ ‘gut feel’ that often does not cope well in the ever-evolving business landscape.

· Poor customer understanding — Businesses invariably tend to focus on a single or two-dimensional view of their customers using easily accessible superlative matrices such as revenue generated or products bought vs. generating a true customer 360 involving deeper operational factors affecting the customers.

· Poor decisions — The With so much data, information is easily overlooked. Decision making is therefore often based on data that is convenient to farm and easy to decipher into presentable metrics. Decisions from such convenience based insights invariably lead to shortfalls in desired outcomes.

· Poor data — Most data is a record of fact rather than a measure of change. This may be a result of trudging along the industry norms of standard data collection practices. But in several instances this limitation arises due to the reluctance of contributors from capturing the requisites in the centralized ERP/CRM systems in their entirety.

The above mentioned are some of the crucial limiting factors contributing towards optimizing returns on your operational sales channels. Based on its wide industry experience and insights focused expertise, 3RDi has developed an AI powered solution that drives accurate sales forecasting and pipeline management, called The Prophesee.

“Prophesee” presents executives with scenario outcomes on an individualized basis, in turn helping them make better, more informed, decisions. By directly addressing the aforementioned problems, Prophesee enables decision makers to:

1. Assess the impact of strategic and tactical decisions by correlating enterprise-wide micro trends across millions of data points.

2. Take appropriate actions in real time by automating analysis and providing context.

3. Improve data quality by identifying data anomalies resulting from poor processes and user behaviour.

In this world of data overload, we understand the pain of suffering through limitations of obtaining accurate insights. We are 3RDi and we are on a quest to make your business decisions simpler. Get you the confidence in your managed data. Connect the finer points of your decision causality. Help you get more actionable insights.

Prophesee is the beginning of this journey. Let us partner with you to help achieve your best sales potential.




AI solutions that automate sales analysis, insights & outcomes, helping executives make better, more informed decisions.